Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pretty Serious The Pink One

Ahoy hoy everyone, happy hump day!

Today I am beyond thrilled to share this polish with you: Pretty Serious The Pink One.  Oh my goodness...I got my greedy little polish-loving mitts on this polish months ago but I've only just gotten around to putting it on tonight (it's really tough when your stash is made of awesome to pick which polish to put on, amirite?).  Anyway, I am absolutely kicking myself for not wearing it sooner.  This polish is made of win and awesome!

The Pink One is a hot pink (do we classify it as neon? *shrugs*) polish with little bits of gorgeous blue and violet shimmer hidden within.  I'm not normally big on pinks but this one has me completely smitten, I must say.  Kaz is some kind of mad genius! <3

The Pink One was surprisingly pigmented.  I don't know why, but I expected this polish to be quite sheer on the first coat...but boy was I wrong.  It is very pigmented and very awesome...on the first coat!!!  The formula was fantastic; it went on like butter.  The Pink One only needed two coats for full opacity.  As a side note, I also have zero complaints with the Pretty Serious brushes: they are right up my alley (long and skinny).

Enough swooning, it's picture time!!

Here's Pretty Serious The Pink One (two coats).  All of the following pics are taken in the day light, no flash.

This is the best pic I have where the blue/violet shimmer is sort of apparent lol, please forgive my crap photography skills.

So how do you guys feel about pinks?  Or neons?  I'd love to hear!

Pretty Serious The Pink one can be purchased directly from the Pretty Serious store here.  Pretty Serious recently secured a North American distributor, so shipping within North America is pretty danged fast now - I love it!  The Pink One is currently sold out on their site but you can follow Pretty Serious' Facebook page here to get the latest info on restocks.

Pretty Serious is also available through Llarowe and Harlow & Co., though The Pink One is sold out on both of those sites currently as well.  Be sure to follow Llarowe and Harlow & Co. on their Facebook pages as well to keep up-to-date with the latest restocks.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Essence Alice Had a Vision...Again

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Today for Purple Shimmer Sunday, I am showing off Essence's Alice Had a Vision...Again.  But before I go any further, don't forget to check out what Jenny (Lavish Layerings) and Kristy (The Polish Haven) have in store for today!

Alice Had a Vision...Again (AHaVA) was released as part of a collection that Essence put out in conjunction with the film: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.  As a fellow purple polish lover, Kristy snagged one of these and sent it my way!  This polish was limited edition, however, it could likely be found via blog sales and/or ebay.

AHaVA is a beautiful blackened-purple jelly nail polish with tiny bits of purple, blue and pale gold/champagne glass fleck glitter in it.  This polish has a lot going on!  AHaVA was a bit thick for my tastes, so I thinned it a bit.  Unfortunately, I absolutely detested this polish's short, wide, mop-like brush that made application for me very frustrating.  It didn't matter how much I tried to wipe off the excess polish on the mouth of the bottle, big globs of polish always ended up at the tip of the brush.  Needless to say, application was a complete mess for me haha.  Thankfully, that's what clean up is for.  But still, brushes like that make me cringe...give me a long, skinny brush any day!  As far as opacity goes for AHaVA, it was surprisingly pigmented.  The first coat seemed a bit sheer, however, the second coat evened it all out nicely.  I put on an additional third coat because I felt like it but not because I needed to.  You could certainly stop at two coats with this polish.

Despite application and brush issues, this polish is very beautiful and very difficult for me to capture on my camera.  I did my best though.  On to the pics!

Essence Alice Had a Vision...Again (three coats) taken in natural day light, no flash:

The following picture was taken in my fridge (lol yes, still), no flash:

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day! <3

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: OPI Peel Me a Gobi Grape (take two)

Hi everyone, happy Sunday!

It is hot and sunny here today, so I decided to take advantage of that and slap on one of my all-time favorite polishes: OPI Peel Me a Gobi Grape (PMaGG). 

I am calling this post "take two" because I blogged about PMaGG when I first started this blog in February 2012 but it was the  middle of the winter so I couldn't get the pics of it that I truly wanted.  I am correcting that today with a re-swatch to do this polish the justice it so deserves.

But before I go on rambling about how I want to marry this polish, please don't forget to check out what Jenny of Lavish Layerings and Kristy of The Polish Haven have up their sleeves for today!

Ok, back to PMaGG, or as my lovely bff referred to it, "Peel Me a Goddamned Gobi Grape" lol.  She called it that because she was lemming it very badly at the time and was frustrated because it is VVHTF and a real pain in the butt to acquire.  I was so very blessed to have Jenny send it to me almost two years ago when she found it at a dusty.  She knew how badly I wanted it and sent it to me out of the goodness of her heart.  <3  What an awesome pally!

PMaGG is the stuff purple shimmer dreams are made of.  The base color is a lovely reddish plum and when the light hits PMaGG just right, you can see the amazing gold/copper shimmer that makes PMaGG truly one-of-a-kind.  It is absolutely stunning.  The formula on PMaGG was thin.  This polish has a three coat minimum, in my opinion, but it is so worth it.  Application on PMaGG was fine/smooth.

Enough rambling, on to the pics!!

OPI Peel Me a Gobi Grape (three coats), taken in direct sun light, no flash:

And this is how PMaGG looks in indirect day light, no flash:

So what do you guys think of the "mother of all purple shimmer polishes"??  Isn't she a beauty??

Sadly, Peel Me a Gobi Grape is very difficult to procure.  If you ever have the opportunity to buy it via a blog sale or on ebay, go for it!  It is one of those polishes were you really have to see in person to believe how amazing it is.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! <3

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Layla Misty Blush

Hey everyone, happy Thursday!

Today I am super pumped to share a HOLO with you.  The sun decided to peek out and I actually had the opportunity to take advantage of it for once.  It has been pretty darned rainy here this summer, so I haven't really had a chance to put on my beautiful holos as a result...cue the violins! lol.

Layla Misty Blush was released in 2012 as part two of Layla's Hologram Effect collection.  Misty Blush is a beautiful dusty, red-leaning purple linear holo.  There's not much to say about Misty Blush other than I adore it.  It is very holo in the sun and in indoor lighting.  She's a beaut! 

I decided to apply Misty Blush over an aqua base (Makeup Store Aqua Fix to be exact) to achieve maximum holo-y goodness and ease of application.  I think Aqua Fix did a nice job of making Misty Blush easy to apply.  The first coat of Misty Blush went on sheer, but not patchy and everything evened out by the second coat.  I added a third coat just because I felt like it.  I thought about stopping at two but I couldn't help myself haha.

I didn't use top coat for my pics as I was afraid that the holo might get dulled as other folks have experienced with Seche Vite.  I did put on Sally Hansen Insta-Dri after I took the pics, however, and didn't notice any significant dulling, so that's awesome!

On to the pics!

Here's Misty Blush (three coats).  All of these pics were taken in direct sun light, no flash.  Please excuse the shadows in some of my pics' it's the shadow my stupid camera was casting *sigh*.

Pretty, right??  You can pick up your own bottle of Misty Blush online at Harlow & Co., which is where I bought my bottle from, or you can also purchase it through Nail Polish Canada (they have super fast shipping if you live in Canada).

USA peeps can get these online at AveYou.  Happy shopping!

As always, thanks for stopping by!! <3

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Finger Paints Plum Startled

Hey everyone, it's that time again...Purple Shimmer Sunday!  Don't forget to check out what Jenny of Lavish Layerings and Kristy of The Polish Haven are up to this week!

Today I have a polish that has sadly been sitting untried for a long time: Finger Paints Plum Startled.  I believe Plum Startled was released last year as part of Finger Paints' fall collection...but don't quote me on that.

Anyhoodle, Plum Startled is a beautiful shimmery polish in a plummy/wine colored jelly base.  When the light hits Plum Startled just right, you can see it features beautiful bits of purple, pink and violet shimmer particles.  It is lovely!  Plum Startled was a bit more sheer than I was expecting, even for a jelly.  I put on four coats of Plum Startled because I still wasn't happy with how it looked at three.  I think a minimum of three coats with this polish is a must.  On the upside, it is super shiny!  The formula was nice and smooth; not fussy at all.  I also really liked the Finger Paints brush...not too wide, ha!  I don't like Finger Paints' brush handle though as I find it awkward to hold.  That's just a personal preference though.

On to the pics!  I took 105 pictures of this mani and these were the best I could do.  I was having a really tough time trying to capture this one, so I apologize for the lackluster pictures.  It is a very lovely polish and for a really great pic of it, check it out on Kristy's blog here.

This first pic was taken in natural day light, no flash...this is actually pretty close/accurate picture, color-wise (imo):

And the next three pics are essentially the same lol.  All taken indoors under a desk lamp, no flash:

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's installment of Purple Shimmer Sunday!  Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Another One of the DH's Creations....

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Or as some people like to call it: mini-Friday...happy mini-Friday!! *throws confetti*

I have another fun thing to share with you guys today.  Another of my sweet DH's little creations (you can view his first creation, Carbuncle's Ruby, here).  This polish currently has no name though he has been throwing a few ideas around inspired by the God of War games.  We shall see what he comes up with...eventually.  So maybe in the next ten years or so, knowing him lol.

Anyway, this polish reminds me of Halloween in the best way possible.  It is a simple but pretty polish that has a lot of small-ish purple and orange hex glitters with some magenta fine glitter thrown in for fun.  I told the DH I wanted to wait until Halloween to wear this one, but then he pretended to be offended by that to annoy the crap out of me, so I threw it on for the hell of it and to model it on real nails instead of a nail wheel.

 So without further ado, here's the DH's creation, in all its nameless glory! <3 One coat of the franken over two coats of American Apparel Hassid (taken in day light, no flash).

So, how'd he do this time?  I really like it but I am obviously just a teensy bit biased.  Just a little haha.

Hope you have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting my blerg (ERMAGERDDDD THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLERG!). 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Help Kaz of Pretty Serious Out!!

Hey everyone, happy Monday? lol Ok Mondays suck but I digress.  I have something that I feel is a worthwhile cause to share with you tonight.  I don't normally do this kind of thing but it's MY blog and I'll do what I damned well please with it *stomps around like a bratty child* hehe.

Kaz of Pretty Serious Cosmetics fame is getting married and is currently entered in a contest to win some bridesmaids dresses!  She needs votes to win though!  That's where you guys come in.  Please follow this link: and go to the second page where she's listed as "Kaz A." and vote for her.  Simple as that!  

The voting is open until July 12, 2013, so get your butts over there and vote for her.  I've had the huge pleasure of discussing makeup stuff with Kaz this past spring and she is the sweetest.  If anyone deserves to win this, it's her.

Thanks for looking and hopefully voting!  Now back to your regularly scheduled nail polish programming. :p

Have a great night everybody!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Chanel Taboo & Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos

Happy Purple Shimmer Sunday, folks!  Be sure to check out what Jenny and Kristy have going on today at Lavish Layerings and The Polish Haven!

Today I am sharing a couple of polishes with you.  Firstly is Chanel Taboo.  Oh how I lusted after this polish for quite some time and snatched it up as soon as it was in stores here haha.  Taboo is a very deep blue-based purple with little bits of purple and blue shimmer in it.  It is much lovelier than I could ever hope to capture.  The formula on Taboo was excellent, by the way.  Taboo went on in two smooth coats...this polish is so pigmented that you could probably get away with one coat (!!!) but I opted for two this time around.  I also really enjoy the Chanel brush; it is nice and thin, the way I like 'em! 

I think Taboo is stunning and worth every hard-earned penny.  Hopefully the next time I wear it, I'll be able to get a better pic.  I think it bubbled on me a bit this time though it is probably my fault.  I have to shake my bottle shaking habit.  Get it?  Bahahaha.  I crack myself up.

Here's my pic of Taboo (two coats) in natural day light, no flash:

The next polish I have to share with you guys is Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos.  This polish is seriously pretty.  It has a lot going on in it too!  Edge of the Cosmos features larger holographic circle glitter, holographic star glitter, holographic half moon glitter as well as a multitude of small-to-miniscule holographic glitter.  It is basically one giant holographic glitter bomb in a very pigmented purple base.  It really DOES look like space!

Edge of the Cosmos' formula was thinner than I was expecting for such a glittery polish but that's good.  It makes layering easier and you don't have to dab anything on.  I do need to express my frustration with the fact that I found it very difficult to fish out the star, half moon and circle glitters to get them on to my nails in the first place.  They're what make this polish and I really struggled to get them out of the bottle and on to my made me sad!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fish out any of the large holographic circle glitter, which is a shame.  I really wanted to see that on my nails.  Maybe next time!

I decided to put two coats of Edge of the Cosmos over my two coats of Chanel Taboo.  While I do like how this looks, I sort of regret layering Edge of the Cosmos.  The base of Edge of the Cosmos is so pigmented that you could easily wear three coats of it on its own and I am positive it would look glorious.  I also feel because Taboo is so dark, that it kind of made the glitters in Edge of the Cosmos more difficult to see.  Live and learn, huh?  Next time, I will definitely be wearing Edge of the Cosmos on its own.

Here's FF Edge of the Cosmos (two coats) over Chanel Taboo (two coats) in natural day light, no flash:

Thumb shot so you can see all of the gorgeous holographic micro glitter:

You can pick up Chanel Taboo anywhere that sells Chanel products.  Taboo is not limited edition, thankfully, so you don't have to worry about it disappearing if you want to wait to pick it up.

Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos can be purchased directly through the Femme Fatale Cosmetics website if you are in Australia or you can purchase it from Llarowe if you are in North America.

As always, thanks for popping by! <3  Have a great evening!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OPI DS Couture

Happy hump day everyone!

It has only recently been sunny enough for me to FINALLY bust out some holographic polishes.  I've been dying over here, man. 

Tonight I decided to go with OPI DS Couture as I've had it for ages and it has sadly gone untried.  I am bound and determined to get all of my OPI holographic polishes, especially the Designer Series set, swatched completely, so there you go!

OPI DS Couture is a lovely orange-y coral holographic polish.  I have to say...I noticed some other pics online make DS Couture look much redder than it actually is.  Not sure what's up with that but my bottle is definitely more on the orange-y coral side.  Though it wouldn't surprise me if there was more than one version of DS Couture floating around out there.  It's not like it hasn't happened with OPI before...*coughMyPrivateJetcough*.

Much like the other OPI DS holos, Couture isn't super in-your-face linear like the Layla holos and their ilk.  I like that about them!  Not being crazy linear makes these polishes a dream to apply.  They practically apply themselves and go on like butter.  I have yet to wear an OPI DS holo that has given me any sort of trouble in the application department.  And, to boot, they're not fussy like linear holos and don't require any special base or top coat to look amazing...they just are amazing all on their own.

DS Couture was surprisingly more pigmented than I expected for a lighter holo.  It definitely could be a two coater, but I used three just to be on the safe side.

Anyhoo, enough of my prattling...on to the pic!

Here's OPI DS Couture, taken in directly sun light (three coats):

Anyone out there also an OPI DS holo hoarder like myself?  I think I have just about all of them and most of them were acquired through the art of dustying.  I miss dustying!! :(  Kinda sucks when you've cleaned out every nail salon within a 200 km radius lol.  I need to go on a dusty roadtrip!

Thanks for stopping by!!