Sunday, 14 April 2013

Illamasqua Noble & CrowsToes Bah F@#$%*g Humbug

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I have two lovely polishes to share: Illamasqua Noble and CrowsToes Bah F@#$%*g Humbug.  I am wayyyy behind on my CrowsToes swatching, it is bumming me out.  Which is exactly why I decided to throw Bah F@#$%*g Humbug over Noble.  Yes, Bah F@#$%*g Humbug was from a Christmas collection, but it doesn't look SO Christmas-y that I can't wear it in mid-April, right?  Right.

Anyhoodle, Illamasqua Noble is a lovely, bright robin's egg blue creme.  This color is phenomenal, let me tell you!  I found the application to be less than stellar, but I was and am willing to deal because I love this color so much.  My pic does not do this polish enough is about eleventy billion times more amazing in person.  Do yourself and run out to buy a bottle, you won't be sorry that you did.  Like I was saying, application-wise, this is not my favorite.  I found it a bit thick even after thinning it twice and it tended to drag during application as well.  This polish could definitely be opaque at two coats, but my crap application skills made it look a bit streaky at two so I opted for three.  I think this is simply a matter of application skills (of which I lack) and personal preference, however.  This color is worth any minor application me anyway.

CrowsToes Bah F@#$%*g Humbug was released this past winter as part of Lauri's Christmas Crows collection.  It is a stunning glitter polish with a mix of small silver hex glitters, medium green, blue and yellow hex glitters and the odd yellow bar glitter mixed in for good measure in a clear base.  This polish is right up my alley!  The formula on Bah F@#$%*g Humbug was decent.  It isn't as thick as some of my other CrowsToes and went on relatively smoothly.  I still dabbed it on out of habit, but I wouldn't really say that's necessary for this polish.  I put one coat of Bah F@#$%*g Humbug over three coats of Noble.

On to the pics!

Illamasqua Noble (three coats):

And CrowsToes Bah F@#$%*g Humbug (one coat over Noble):

You can pick up Illamasqua Noble right now at Sephora.  I have no idea if this polish is limited edition or not.  Hopefully it is permanent because it is lovely!

As far as I can tell, the Christmas Crows aren't currently available online.  Geez, that's a bummer...I hadn't realized this collection wasn't still available.  Hopefully Lauri will bring some of these back eventually because it is a really fabulous collection.  In the meantime, you can check out her ValenCrows collection and Spring THIS collection online at Llarowe and Overall Beauty.  To keep up on all the latest CrowsToes news, be sure to stop by Lauri's blog: The Polished Crow.

Hope you're having a great Sunday and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily

Good evening everyone!  Hope you've all been having a nice relaxing weekend.

Tonight I have a much-hyped polish to share: Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Aqua Lily.  This polish was originally released last spring.  I didn't get my hands on it at that time because I was waffling about whether or not this polish was worth the money.  When this was released again this past fall, I had another opportunity to get my polish-loving mitts on this, thanks to a very lovely friend (<3 you know who you are!), so I seized it!

I hadn't read any other blogger reviews of this polish until AFTER I decided to put it on.  Not that it matters since most bloggers seem to sing glowing praises for this polish.  I do not, sadly.  While I love the color (bright turquoise with pink "hidden shimmer"), I'm not sure that alone is worth the frustration of this polish.  While Aqua Lily was opaque in two coats for me, it was a pain in the ass in the application department.  It was thick, much thicker than I had anticipated.  It was STILL thick even after I stopped mid-mani to thin it.  Because this polish is thick, it has a tendency to drag during application.  I recommend using thinner coats for this polish, definitely.  On top of the thickness issues, this polish is also a bit stainy.  Careful application is a must...and I'm a bit sloppy when it comes to initial application, so this was a bit of an issue for me.

All of that being said, this IS a pretty polish...I just wouldn't say it is $30 (or whatever I ended up paying by the time it was all said and done) pretty.  You could achieve a similar look through layering, like Jenny of Lavish Layerings, who did a lovely job of layering CND Violet Shimmer over OPI Fly.

Enough griping though, on to the pic!  Please ignore my dry ass cuticles lol, they look so bad this week...ugh.

RBL Aqua Lily (two coats):

So what do you guys think?  Is Aqua Lily worth the hype??

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great week!