Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nars Zulu and OPI The Man With the Golden Gun

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone!

This is my first official mani of the new year, yay!  I asked some friends what I should wear next as I wanted to slap on OPI's The Man With the Golden Gun (TMWTGG) but wasn't sure what to wear under it.  Eventually, we made a group decision for me to wear Nars Zulu as the base color.

I have to say, Nars Zulu is super pretty.  I love me some jellies!  Zulu went on almost opaque at two coats but I did a third for good measure.  It is a super dark hunter green that looks almost black in certain lighting. 

I added some thinner to Zulu as I felt the polish was dragging a bit during application.  All of that is minor to me though; my only real complaint with Zulu isn't even really about Zulu.  It's about Nars polishes in general.  I am not a fan of trying to paint my nails with awkwardly-shaped brush handles/caps/whatever.  And Nars' caps are square.  SQUARE.  Do not love.  If they were to do something like Chanel or Illamasqua, where the square cap comes off and the actual brush handle is easy/comfortable to use, that would be fine.  But Nars does not do this with their polishes, as far as I can tell.  Huge turn off for me, I probably wouldn't buy another Nars simply for that fact (yes, I am fussy).

On to TMWTGG: I like this polish ok.  What's not to like about a gold leaf polish??  Well, I like it in theory, I should say.  In practice, I found it extremely frustrating.  When I would dip the brush in to the polish, there would be a ton of gold flakes on the brush, however, when I'd remove the excess polish around the mouth of the bottle, almost ALL of the flakes would come off with the excess polish.  Not cool, OPI.  Then, when I went to apply TMWTGG, the gold flakes didn't transfer evenly or much at all from brush to nail.  It applied very sparsely, in my opinion.  For this reason, I used two coats of TMWTGG and I still found the flakes to be sparse.  I would love to have a gold flake polish that is a lot more dense than TMWTGG.  As a polish collector, however, I will be keeping this polish regardless as I adore the gold bottle and I am a fan of the James Bond franchise.  That being said, I expected more of this polish.  It's not BAD, but it could have been a lot better for the money (I think it was retailing for something crazy like $35 - $40).

I may, in the future, try to get my mitts on Cirque Polish's Au as it was pointed out to me that it appears that it may be a denser gold flake polish with larger gold flake particles.  Here's hoping!

Nars Zulu (3 coats, pic taken in daylight):

OPI TMWTGG (2 coats) over Nars Zulu (3 coats)...pic taken in my fridge's light since the sun had set by the time I took this pic.  I REALLY need that lightbox the DH is planning on building for me haha.

What's your experience with either of these polishes?  I'd love to hear what you guys think! :)  Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

CrowsToes Her Goose Got Cooked


Yeah, I'm only a few weeks late with that.  Oh well.  I've been a terribly lazy blogger since Christmas began...I apologize!  My nails have been so bad lately that I haven't had the will to polish them (coupled with being lazy).  Anyway, I am hoping to post more now that they are starting to get to a state where I am happy with them again.

So, here's the last mani I wore and bothered to photograph before I got all Christmas lazy: CrowsToes Her Goose Got Cooked (HGGC) from the lovely Lauri's Christmas collection.  So far, this is the only CT Christmas collection polish I have worn, but I adore it!  HGGC is a stunning mix of orange, peach and holographic gold hex glitters (both medium and small-ish) in a clear base.  I opted to wear HGGC over another beautiful polish called Rokk I'll Be Frank.  I don't know much about Rokk, but I presume it is one of those amazing Aussie-only brands.  Luckily, my amazing pal Kristy of The Polish Haven, was kind enough to gift me a bottle recently.

I loooooovvvveeed this mani, let me tell you!  And it got some serious muggle love at the office I work at.  That's impressive!  Application was good and easier to work with than some of the older CrowsToes polishes.  I don't think I really had to dab too much with this one at all.

I can't wait to see what kind of magical creations Lauri is going to cook up in 2013!  I am already way behind because I still haven't picked up her Pleiades collection yet.  But oh how I plan to!  In the meantime, my pal over at Spit & Polish has some stunning swatches of the Pleiades collection that are definitely worth checking out, just sayin'.

Ok, enough rambling.  Here's two nearly identical pics (one coat of HGGC over Rokk I'll Be Frank):

Please excuse the milk carton photobombing in the background.  My refrigerator seriously has some badass lighting lol.  Thankfully, one of the DH's many amazing Christmas gifts to me this year was an offer to build me a PROPER lightbox this summer.  I can't tell you how excited I am about that!

If you want to buy some amazing CrowsToes polishes, and let's be honest, you know you do, they can be purchased at Llarowe or at Shoppe Eclecticco.

As always, thanks for popping by!! ^_^