Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chanel Malice featuring Sally Hansen Amber Ruby

Ahoy hoy, dear readers!  A happy Thursday evening to you all...I hope this week has been treating you well! 

Well, it finally happened.  I bought my first Chanel.  At $27 CAD, I was hoping and praying that it was worth the price tag.  It did NOT disappoint!  Malice is a limited edition polish released as part of Chanel's Eclats Du Soir Christmas 2012 collection.

Malice goes on so smoothly, the formula wasn't fussy at all and it had beautiful pigmentation.  It was almost completely opaque on the first coat but definitely benefitted from a second coat.  Wowza!  This is one sexy polish, let me tell you.  It is a deep burgundy/wine with a gorgeous red shimmer.  I tried really hard to capture this in my pics, but I still don't feel I did it enough justice.  This polish is a real stunner in person and I felt so fancy to have this on my nails haha.  The wear was also excellent, color me VERY impressed!

The following two pics of two coats of Chanel Malice (pics taken under a desk lamp; no flash):

Annndddd since I can't leave well enough alone, I threw one Sally Hansen Amber Ruby (from the Nail Prisms line of yesteryear) over top.  I love me a good duo/multichrome and Malice looks like liquid flame with Amber Ruby over top of it! 

Check it out *drool*:

Look at the awesome gold/green shift of Amber Ruby over Malice:

As always, thanks for checking out my little 'ole blog and have a wonderful evening!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

HARE Dog Day Dream

Happy Saturday everyone!

I wore this a while back, earlier this fall, and completely forgot to blog it.  Whoops!  Better late than never, right?  This is probably going to be the shortest blog post I've ever done haha.  First time for everything I guess...

Dog Day Dream is a lovely mix of orange, pink, and purple hex and square glitters in a fuchsia base.  These colors were made for each other, I adore them together.  I am wearing one coat of Dog Day Dream over two coats of OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold Em.

HARE polishes can be purchased on etsy here: HAREpolish on Etsy and you can keep up with the latest HARE polish news on HARE polish's blog.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! <3

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Worst Possible Black Hole Sun?

Ok, this blog title was my attempt at being funny and witty.  Both of which I am neither lol.  Oh well, I tried!

Anyhoo, I feel the need to apologize for my recent MIA-ishness for the past month from this blog.  It wasn't really intentional.  You know the old cliche saying "when it rains, it pours", that's kind of what happened to me.  I had a lot of stuff going on in October IRL that kept me busy, then my ailing grandpa took a turn for the worse and we lost him.  I'm still kind of trying to cope with that, but some days are better than others.  Today is a better day, we'll see about tomorrow.  He was one of a kind and truly one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I miss him and think of him every day.

Alright, enough sad one wants to read a depressing blog as far as I know!  I just wanted to offer an explanation for my absence.  Now that I am back in the thick of it, I am SUPER excited to share with you today's mani!  Black Hole Sun (BHS) is a gorgeous franken that my lovely pal, Jenny, of Lavish Layerings fame, made/gifted to me for my birthday last month.  It's a tough polish to describe,  let me tell you.  BHS has these neat flecks of blue, pink and yellow with tiny holographic glitter bits mixed in.  It looks stunning in different light and different angles.

Here is 2 coats of BHS over 1 coat of American Apparel's Hassid (black creme one-coater, so great!):

And because I couldn't leave well enough alone, I decided to throw Rainbow Honey's The Worst Possible Thing that my wonderful friend, Daphne, had gifted me for my birthday.  I guess you could call this a birthday gift mani of sorts...ha!  Also, Daphne is an incredible professional makeup artist, check her out on FB!!!

Here is 1 coat of The Worst Possible Thing over my BHS mani:

Ahhhhh it's so sparkly!!! *stares*  The Worst Possible Thing is a beautiful mix of teeny tiny lilac, baby blue and holographic hex glitters and a few square glitters thrown in for good measure.  This polish would look amazing over infinite things.

Please excuse the two (obviously) differently-lighted pictures of this mani.  The first picture of BHS was taken in natural daylight, however, the second picture featuring The Worst Possible Thing was taken under a lamp since it is now winter in Canada and the sun sets WAY too early for my liking now.  Sorry.

All in all, I adore both of these polishes!  Application on BHS was very smooth as was the application on The Worst Possible Thing.  The Worst Possible Thing is the kind of glitter that does not need to be dabbed on.  It swiped on quite easily and smoothly, so that's always nice.

I just want to say a huge thank-you for reading my super long and super overdue blog post!!  Also, welcome to all of my new blog followers, I am very excited to have you here!  If you have a free moment, check out my guest blog post on my BFF's blog: Spit & Polish, where I review some Glimmer by Erica polishes I recently purchased!

Have a great evening, everyone!! <3