Wednesday, 28 March 2012

2-in-1 OPI Time-less is More and OPI DS Shimmer

I'm kind of doing a 2-in-1 post today because I'm lazy and that's how I roll.  OPI Time-less is More is a lovely off-white jelly.  I really like it though I found it needed a solid 3 coats to get it to look even.  I really enjoyed using Time-less is More for a jelly sammich I did with Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party a few weeks back.  Good times!

OPI DS Shimmer is my love and I adore it so much!  Fab holo that I recommend using to HOLO ALL THE THINGS rather than wearing it on its own since it is very sheer.  DS Shimmer is, sadly, a bit tough to come by as it has been long-discontinued for many moons now (thanks Suzi! heh).  I highly suggest dustying at your local nail salons for this gem rather than paying obscene amounts of money for it on the bay of evil.  Dustying works, people!!  I have dustied 4 bottles of DS Shimmer in my time, so it's worth a try...right?

Anyhoo, enough jabbering...pic time!

OPI Time-less is More (3 coats), pardon my wonkified index fingernail kthxbai.

And here is OPI DS Shimmer over OPI Time-less is More.  Yummeh white holographic goodness!

Thanks for coming by to check out my little ole' blog!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Ok sooo....I totally did NOT expect to love this flippin' polish as much as I do.  I needed a palette cleanser as I've been on a bit of a glitter bender lately, so I reached for OPI Fly from this spring's Nicki Minaj collection.  GUH!  This polish was a dream to apply.  Definitely opaque enough in 2 coats (though I am wearing 3 here because I kinda messed up and needed to fix by adding another coat, heh).  Just creamy, yummy, teal-y goodness!  The color is hard to is very teal but almost dusty.  Not muted though, the color is vibrant.  Man, I suck at describing colors lol.  Anyhoo, my pic fails to properly capture the shininess of this mani.  Even before I put Seche Vite over it, it was like GLASS.  So deliciously shiney!

Enough of my rambling though, here's the pic!

All in all, I am VERY satisfied with this polish.  The only thing that I might have a slight (very minor) problem with is that I found it a bit cuticle-stainy, as you can see in my pic.  But very tolerable compared to Cult Nails Time Traveler as far as stain-age goes.  Good lawd, that polish stained like a mofo.  But that's a post for another day...

Long time, no blog?

Hellooooo to all 16 of you that follow this blog haha ;)  It's been a little bit since I last posted, but I'm making it up to you by doing TWO posts tonight.  HUZZAH!

Here's a mani I did last coat Nfu Oh 56 (green flakie) over two coats Catrice Blues Brothers Volume 2 (aka, my new favorite layering polish omgahhhh). 

K, so this blurry pic is all you're getting since it was the only "decent-ish" pic I got of this mani.  This pic doesn't even come close to doing this mani justice so you'll have to bear with me and trust me when I say that I hardly got any work done last week because I was too busy eye-secksing my nails. >.>  I know my cuticles are gnarly here...forgive me?

As far as I know, Catrice polishes aren't readily available to us Canadian and US gals, which really sucks because I love the ones I have so far!  Blues Brothers Volume 2, which I did NOT get pics of prior to putting Nfu Oh 56 over it (sorreh!), is a gorgeous dark shimmery blue.  I don't own Illamasqua Phallic and now I'm not sure I need to since BBV2 has filled the dark shimmery blue void that was previously in my life.  A HUGE thank-you goes out to Kesha at Nail Polish Obsession for gifting this to me.  It is a beaut!!! 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

OPI Movin' Out

OPI Movin' Out was released in 2003 as part of the Holiday on Broadway collection.  Talk about a fabulous collection!  It included such cult faves as: La Boheme, Man of La Mancha, Opening Night Gold and Standing Room Only Silver, all amazing polishes.  I'm not sure why OPI refuses to continue making polishes like THESE, however, I digress!  My lovely friend, Reece of Spit & Polish, gifted this polish to me for Christmas, thanks chickie!!! <3  Clearly, I am spoiled rotten haha.

Movin' Out is a stunning duo/multichrome polish.  It typically looks like a pink polish, but when you move your hand around in varying degrees of light and shade, you get the most beautiful shades of pale gold and vibrant green!  The shimmer in Movin' Out is so beautiful, it reminds me of the shimmer in Clarins 230!

Anyway, enough blabbing and on to the pics!  In these pics, I am wearing two coats of Movin' Out over one coat of Finger Paints Black Expressionism (lovely one-coater, btw).  Enjoy!

Here's how it looks most of the time...

And here it is when you tilt your hand, ever-so-slightly...BAM, color shift, fools! :)

LOOK at that green! *swoon*

And the gold-ish color! *double swoon*